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 Our activity is
.training of contract drafting, overholding workshops and publishing articles in social networks

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 Our Proficiency is to resolve all disputes arising out or in connection with the contract, through amicable negotiations, compromising, arbitration and legal services

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 Our skill is drafting and drawing up contracts in Farsi & English, at grade which expected by the customers


Iran Contract Bar


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Contract negotiations are important from introduction of the contracting parties and drafting contracts up to the stage of finalizing the contract and signing it


Usually the point of starting a business between the parties is drawing up general cooperation agreement (CA). Although the content of CA contains fewer binding obligations, it is important for the parties to determine the road map of their future cooperation


The most important part of a contract drafter is to draw up a binding contract. Sufficient familiarity with contract terms, understanding rights and obligations of the parties, Professional writing and use of the clear words and terms, explicit and unambiguous and complete writing of contractual provisions to avoid future probable disputes


Each contract may be altered in terms of changing work scope, Variation Order, changing the duration of the contract, adjusting the amount of the contract. Therefore, it is our duty to draft addendum or amendment to the contract in accordance with the intention of the contracting party.


The contractual disputes are inevitable, and in case of the making the claims or  defense, you need experienced and efficient experts to be able to file a lawsuit


Some lawyers, attorneys and solicitors on one hand and engineers on the other  hand, feel lack of knowledge regarding the contract drafting. our experts with wide experiences in various industries can train applicant

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